Current allow list on specific EchoLink ports as of  3/1/2024

All California unless specified, Bold entries below are those most likely to be heard during a typical day)

Connecting through K6MF-L

AB6JK John Santa Ynez
AA6DW Alan Santa Ynez
K1JAM Joshua (Roy's Son) San Jose
K4RJS Ardele (Roy's wife) San Jose
K6DVD Danielle Santa Ynez (K6DVD-L node 747748)
K6LUA John Santa Barbara
K6MF Roy San Jose (K6MF-L node 727313)
KB6C Dennis San Fernando Valley
KF6GRC Kevin (Pete's son) Los Angeles, formerly Odessa, Ukraine
KF6FCV Rachel (Roy's daughter) VA?
KG6FCW Ruth Ann (Roy's daughter) San Jose
W6HCY Joe Santa Barbara
WA4KJH Keith Knoxville, TN
WA6JQB Dan Moorpark
WA6MSI Denny Santa Ynez
WA6UCA John Oregon, IL (formerly of Lompoc)
WB6DAO Pete Los Angeles (WB6DAO-R node 235518)

Connecting through WB6DAO-R
2E0PUK Pete Sheffield England, visited us many years ago, former M3PAJ 10-16-19
Santa Ynez
AI6NE Ryan Santa Ynez, fellow Cal-Poly SLO grad
K6DVD Danielle Santa Ynez (-L node 876124, -R 891753)
K6LUA John Santa Barbara
K6MF Roy San Jose
KA6P Pat Wrightwood
KB6C Dennis Reseda (-R node 105489, node 361061)
K7AU Bob Lacey, WA (formerly WB6EQO, K7RLK, W7WO)
KC3CZA Garth (N6NIX's son) presently in DC area
KC6WKV Jennifer (Pete's daughter) Thousand Oaks
KD6EMF Mark Palmdale (coworker at SCE)
KE6DTF Mike Thousand Oaks & Texas
KF6GRC Kevin (Pete's son) Odessa, Ukraine
KG6EYK Megan (N6NIX's daughter) Fort Collins, CO
KJ6WQF Martin Lompoc (friend of AI6NE)
KK4SEY Robert Miami, FL (and Los Angeles too)
KK6HPD Scott (K6LUA's son) Jackson, CA
LA6WRA Daniel Norway son of Katie's friend
MI3RBM Bobby Belfast, Northern Ireland
N7TD Tom Henderson, NV (former WB6BYT, and Cal-Poly SLO)
W6OQX Phil Santa Barbara, 10-16-19
WA4QXC Andrew Niota, TN  (Lee Wilkinson's call SK, Andrew is his grandson)
WA6IBE Frank Coarsegold (formerly of Santa Barbara)
WA6MSI Denny Santa Ynez
WA6JFM Bryan Laos (formerly of Santa Barbara)
WA6QBT Pat Santa Barbara
WA6UCA John Oregon, IL (formerly of Lompoc)
WA7DIA Jack Warner Robins, GA (formerly of Reno)
WB6BJM Joe Hollywood
WB6DAO Pete Hacienda Heights (WB6DAO-R 233518, formerly Santa Barbara, Cal-Poly SLO)
WB6LOT Steve Crestline (-L node 700102, formerly of Santa Barbara)
WV6R Ron Lompoc (formerly of Santa Barbara)
WB9KMO Rod Mesa, AZ (formerly of Santa Barbara)

Link Log of those drop-ins or invited on our system.  Latest one first...

 DATE NAME CALL COMMENTS                                                                                                                                     
3-1-24 Alan K6AUE Mobile Mariposa, on W6WGZ (IBE) and had worked for Metricom designing PCB's
1-5-24 Phil AJ6VT on Island Princess headed to LA through canal in a few days through KB6C's EchoLink port talking to KN6WOW also EL
1-14-23 Cynthia K6CDY via K6DVD from her and Dave's SK, Nojoqui Falls ranch location
12-31-22 Dennis KB6C via IaxRpt on his phone
11-25-22 Alan K6AUE Mobile Mariposa, moved recently from Nipomo
7-15-22 Dan WA6EJW HT from Solvang, lives there, noisy drop-in
1-6-22 Dennis KK6QON Turlock trying and HT through Deadwood
11-6-21 Brett KN6JDA Trying HT through Deadwood from Fresno, low audio until talked directly into microphone
09-27-21 Mark KB6HPD Via Deadwood, working on Yosemite fires, first talked to 35+ years ago via Black Mountain when he was working the Carrizo Plains
09-03-21 Greg K6GST Bicycle mobile in Oakhurst, from Fresno
08-29-21 Brandon KN6MSD Another new ham with me his first contact!  OTR truck driver with his dad, into Laughlin every week. From Mariposa
07-30-21 Keith W6WKK Mobile Coarsegold via Deadwood, lives near KN6PTO, works in HVAC
07-24-21 Jeremy KN6PTO via Deadwood, brand new ham I was his first contact!  In the Yosemite Lakes area.
03-23-21 Danielle KN6NWK DVD's daughter, on air with HT from Goleta, talked with DVD and LUA
02-27-21 Alex KM6REZ Through Deadwood, off road bike riding in Coarsegold, From SLO, he owns Performance Marine service
07-26-20 Gary KF6PHM Santa Barbara new HT
10-15-19 Phil W6OQX Santa Barbara
08-06-18 Garth KC3CZA Nix's son visiting Chico through Mike's EchoLink
07-14-18 Alan AA6DW Santa Ynez through K6DVD, moving there soon from Long Beach
12-28-17 Nick KE0ABR Through Chris's link in MN
10-09-17 Dennis KB6C from his new QTH near Frasier Park
05-10-17 Joshua KM6GUA in Santa Ynez
10-11-16 Ryan AI6NE Mobile 101 on coast, lives in Santa Ynez
07-08-16 Pete M3PAJ from England via EchoLink
07-08-16 John AB6JK John via phone from Spain
02-05-16 Jaime KM6DU Santa Clarita, thru KB6C Oat Mtn. (linked to K6MF)
01-21-16 Bobby MI3RBM Near Belfast, Northern Ireland, through W0MDT
09-01-15 Chris AA4CD Chris trying out his smartphone, first EchoLink contact.
07-12-15 Bryan WA6JFM from Thimphu, Buhtan on his way walking from apartment to hospital
06-16-15 Jim KI6DBD Through K6DVD, friend of AB6JK's
06-13-15 Mike N6NIX Chico through W6SCR-R
04-01-15 Bruno W6USC drop in mobile around Pasadena, field service for Xerox
03-30-14 Jim KI6DBD From Santa Ynez invited on by John K.
03-12-15 Jim WA6VPL From Lompoc via K6DVD
03-02-15 Ann K0ANN in MN, quite noisy
01-02-15 Matt KE0CAA mobile in MN
08-13-14 Curtis WA6RLP in Irvine on HT, from Lake Havasu City, had our freq. & PL from Utah repeater
06-20-14 Chuck K0ORK Bicycle mobile, MN
12-03-13 Robert KK4SEY Mobile Ontario, had talked to him in July on HT, network install/repair
09-30-13 Lance KK6ERP Through DAO from Chino Hills, short QSO with Dave
05-16-13 Tim KJ6OIL Lompoc, driving around Vandenburg, works for Lompoc School District
03-11-13 Mike KE6DTF Thousand Oaks, via EchoLink on his phone
02-20-13 Stryker KF7WNC through Bob, W7WO's repeater in Washington
02-20-13 George N4GYT Henderson, KY (Bob traded his Icom repeater from him)
02-17-13 Bob W7WO gets his UHF EchoLink repeater going in Washington see here
07-08-12 Mike KJ6WYP From Paso Robles, works at Soledad for Cal-Fire Corrections
06-18-12 Matthew N2PSR Blaine, MN (significant other KB1UOG, Annette)
09-21-11 Jim AK6JG from Santa Ynez area invited on by John, KO6JW (never showed up)
02-18-11 Chris K9EQ installed the computer at the repeater site in MN for node 4779, 444.075, PL 114.8
02-13-11 Denny WA6MSI back on after too long an absence
09-21-10 Duane KJ6JLC at private El Capitan campground from Bakersfield
05-19-10 Scott   from Colorado HT mobile visiting the coast for the first time
05-13-10 Dan K7QQQ fron Las Vegas, in El Monte
05-01-10 Art VE2AHH East of Montreal, in a fifth wheel full time, via node 2006, St. Jerome
01-08-10 Jerry W5JRL from Ft. Worth, TX, in San Bernardino for a while
11-20-09 Tom KI7YRX from FL, at San Pedro on an HT headed on a cruise through the canal, tried node 7830 for him
09-21-09 Greg WD6CFJ HT in Buellton, site
01-16-09 Chris KD7YQO Cedar City, UT, via Echolink
11-29-08 Chad KG6JLZ Canby, CA via KD6ITD
11-22-08 Al K6RZS Pompano Beach, FL via IRLP 4887, retired Telephone from San Jose
08-23-08  ?  KI6MJE never gave his name (Richard?), mobile at Pt. Mugu (active duty there)
03-05-08 Alan KE6KSJ Celina Ohio, originally from San Jose, Fresno
09-29-07 Richard KI4OFH mobile Pigeon Forge, TN via node 5700
08-25-07 Bob K9LTN via node 4350 Dixon, IL
08-25-07 Barn WA9UEW via node 4350, Dixon, IL
06-04-07 Ken KI6IPW mobile in the LA area (Engineer at SCE) Lives in Hacienda Heights
06-03-07 Edwin M0XEK Cornwall, England via Echolink GB3NC-R
6-01-07 John 9M6JC Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (see his pictures on
05-17-07 Brion N0AE Dixon, IL via node 4350 (operates node)
04-23-07 Danny KI6AJF camped at El Capitan state park, from Pioneer, CA (near Jackson)
03-19-07 Paul G4UVB through his new node G6EXC-L
03-16-07 Dale KB5JN Nachez, MS via N5KDV-L
03-03-07 Art N9NQD Rockford, IL via node 4350
03-03-07 Bill KC9CEF New Rochelle, IL via node 4350
02-20-07 Paul G4UVB Lancashire, England, via EchoLink (very low audio  - Window’s Vista pro
02-20-07 Tyler KE7KOV Monroe, UT, via IRLP node 3771
02-11-07 Frank KG6ALH-L Twin Falls, Idaho (little hard to understand, he was from Merced, CA
01-06-07 Duke ZL2BMG in Long Beach, visiting from New Zealand, formerly of Lancaster
12-18-06 Brian KC2GNV living in the Newport Beach, CA area
12-15-06 Scotty KI6GTD works with Ken below at LASD YAL
12-15-06 Ken KI6GTT LASD Industry Station Volunteer coordinator (D700 Kenwood mobile)
12-09-06 Monty KD6CAE was on the hill he and WA6MOD cleaned the air filter on the back of the GAE rack
12-01-06 John WA6UCA Oregon, IL (formerly of Lompoc, CA and the WB6DAO repeater) via node 4350, Dixon, IL
11-25-06 Jim G3ZQQ via MB7IBC, located 20 miles s/w Birmingham, England
11-21-06 Pete M3PAJ Sheffield, England (was over here visiting a few years ago and met Pete & wife Julie)  New call?